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As a part of the Digital India Programme, it was envisaged that a standardized framework need to be implemented for websites of Central Government Ministries & Departments, search to enable easy of content
01. Maintain Financial Integrity

The characteristics of a financial system that operates in a clean.

02. Administrative Practices

A set of formal objective rules enacted by a private or  organization

03. Carry out the Duties

To perform or complete a job or activity; to fulfill duties

04. Develop the Municipaity

Is a framework used by municipalities to address long-term community


Years of experience


Skilled professionals


Visited goverment

3 k

project worldwide

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They have given me their professional, constructive help when needed and also their personal point of view when asked for. At all times I have felt valued and very much of the publishing process. The staff are all warm, friendly and welcoming and I look forward to a continued relationship with Grammar Factory in my future ventures.
They provided all the information I needed to put my mind at rest, they were responsive and took all my 'silly' questions in their stride. They call this self-publishing, but really, they did everything! Thank you so much Scott and team for helping me to produce a wonderful looking book and get it published. The feedback has been amazing!
I know that the feedback I am receiving is due to the excellent editing job from Grammar Factory, who turned a bunch of words and ideas into a structured book.My experience with Scott and the team was worth every cent. I am so happy with the quality of the final book and also the ongoing support on marketing.

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Power in government is the authority of an individual's right to use power by making decisions and demanding compliance all over the world Government